Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day Wreath

Lately I have been on a wreath making kick. The minute I came across this one from
"I'm A Yarner" (she has a great tutorial which is the link I gave you up above) I knew I was going to make it. I packe up my boys and headed out to the craft store to pick up the supplies I would need. I will say this did take some time... ok ALOT of time. But it is so worth it. My sister said she would pay me to make her one. I'm still debating if I want to or not :). Anyways, I think you all should make one!! I'm not sure what kind of styrofoam wreath she used but I got a thicker looking one (not the smooth skinnier ones). Those rosettes do take a while, but it gives you something to do while watching tv. I had some leftover rosettes so I put them to use on another project which I am almost finished with. I just need to spraypaint the frame then I will show you all. But I dont think I will have it posted for vday. It will just have to wait to be displayed until next year. *Oh, quick little side note, I did make some smaller rosettes to fill the holes, bit there were some that were so tiny, so I just got red tissue paper and stuffed it in. Works like a charm and saved me time and frustration*

Today I went to the craft store yet again and bought these 2 lovely fabrics. A nice dark grey and a lovely blue pattern. I will be working on them this weekend, so you will just have to wait and see what I will be doing!

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday and Sunday. I know I will! A baby shower and some good crafting fun. I will be using my sewing machine that I got for Christmas for the first time :)!


Stephanie said...

OH MY GORGEOUS!!! I love it! It seriously is stunning.

Gina said...

Girl. You are killin' me. CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! Where do you get the time? This seriously is giving my brain failure. Love it!

mckenna said...

Kelli, I LOVE it!! And I wish I had the time/patience to make one. Although...I guess it can wait since today is V-Day and I have a whole year to display it again. :)

Dugi said...

my goodness kelli, i love this heaps! it looks liek something u'd see in a glossy designer mag and buy at a high end shop. well done!! i think i too can do this while watching a video or something...i think i will attempt crafting soon.