Friday, February 4, 2011

Here I am!

Ok, so I guess I should properly introduce myself (if you allready know me no need to read) :). My name is Kelli. I Love many things, and I love to do many things. A couple of those are spending time with my husband and my two cute little twin boys. They keep me going and some days just wear me out. But I kind of knew that would happen when I signed up to be a mom. I am lucky enough that I can stay home with my boys while my husband goes off to work. To keep my mind from going crazy most of the time I turn my attention to photography and crafts. I love using my talents and try to put them to good use. Lately my mind has been all on the crafting world. I am usually not one that would come up with a craft on my own. I see things that I think are beautiful and try to recreate them. I usually will copy it exactly, but every once in a while I will add my own little flare to it.

I was laying in bed one night and could not really fall asleep. I was thinking of several crafts I wanted to do and was trying to make a mental note to not forget (a thing that happens often in my mind...). So as I was lying there I thought I should make a blog just to post the crafts that I have been doing because I usually am texting or emailing pictures to family and friends. In that instant I thought that the "copycat crafter" suited me and what I do. I want people to know that I dont come up with these ideas on my own. When I do post a craft I will share a link to where I found it and give credit where credit is due. I think those that came up with the idea should get full credit!! So going along with this I may not usually do tutorials. Like I said earlier I am a mom of two little boys and so when I do actually craft I try to do it as fast as I can so i can get the craft done before they wake up from naps, or before i have to go to bed. WHICH leads to usually only pictures at the end when the craft is done. I also am not so good at explaing things. BUT I will try to do it each time. IF I do do (haha I just said dodo) something different I will say what I did diffrently and how to do it. FAIR? Ok.
At first I was just going to keep this bloggy blog to myself, but decided I would start to share. SO just so you all know I love comments. Did I just say that I love comments? Yes I believe I did.
Sometimes I go into craft slumps. So when that happens I may just post crafts I think are cute that you all should do. Or I may post pictures of things I think are beautiful.

So I hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think.
*If you like to do crafts and want to share them but dont have a blog, I would be more than happy to do that for you!*

Kelli :)


mckenna said...

So cute, Kelli! I love the table runner. I'm the same way as you, always copying someone else's cute craft idea. :) I guess I'm just not clever enough to come up with things on my own, but I love to create anyway! So I can't wait to see what you make next!!

Marnie said...

Thanks for visiting Kelli. I really like the concept for your blog. My blog was originally private so that family(who live far away) could see what we were up to. The problem was that they kept forgetting how to sign in! LOL so I went public and strangely enough, some people actually follow. Funny though, none of them are my relatives!! Look me up on your next visit to Oz!
x Marnie {3pickles}