Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm Back!!

Hello everyone! I am back. Sorry for the lack of posts. I have a project that I have been working on that has taken up my free time. It has been extremely frustrating, and I have taken a break from it for just a little bit, but when I finish it (and hopefully that will be soon) I will share it all you with guys. Until then I do have one little sewing project that I finished.

I'm sure you have all seen bunting floating around everywhere on the craft blogland. I think it is so cute for so many different occasions and my photography is one that I love to use it for. I had this fabric left over from ties I made my boys for Easter, so I decided to make bunting. I didn't use a tutorial, I just made my own triangle template in photoshop and went from there. It was super easy. I cut my fabric out in as many triangles as I could, put the right sides together and sewed with a 1/4in seam allowance. I then trimmed the fabric off and the corner, turned them all right side out and ironed them. YOU MUST iron them :). I then used the bias tape I bought and pinned it all then sewed it. I think both banners took me a total combined time of 3 hours. Not bad eh? Beats buying it online for $60.

Below are pictures of the banner. I decided to show you the adorable little baby boy that I used them on. He was a sweetheart!!

Here is the triangle template I made. click on the picture, then click again to enlarge it, then right click and save as, and you now have the template!! I hope you like, and make your own!! I am going to pick up some girly fabric and make some for girls!! Leave me some love if you like!!