Friday, January 21, 2011

Nate Berkus Table Runner

I love watching the Nate Berkus show! I love the ideas that he gives, I love his style for decorating, And I LOVED this table runner when I saw him show everyone how to do it. So me being in my crafty mood that i have been in lately I packed up my boys and headed off to the craft stores. I pretty much did it just like he did, but with different ribbon color. He used green which i was going to use but they were out of the color so i grabbed red and it turned out to be a good thing. Now you can use this table runner for multiple holidays. I just added my own little flare (the rosettes). please exuse how wrinkly it is :)
That is red velvet ribbon, which i thought would be a lot easier to find. walmart has it and Joannes doesnt. Who would thought?
I gave myself a few blisters using the gluegun while making the rosettes.
Burlap: what i did was buy 3 yards and just cut it in half lengthwise, then those two pieces in half horizontally. SO you end up with 4 table runners out of 3 yards
Velvet ribbon-do whatever color you want
hot glue gun

to cut the burlap straight can be hard. Just make a little cut where you want it then pull one of the burlap threads out. It gives you a nice line to follow.
Pull the threads out of the burlap for as wide as you need for your ribbon. Then just thread your ribbon over under where you want it (see the last picture posted for how i did mine).
After I threaded the ribbon I hot glued the ends of it to the burlap just so it would not fray or move.
For the burlap rosettes I had removed about 3 1/2 inches of burlap from one side of the tablerunner. Cut the burlap strip into three long pieces then cut those in half. You will now have 6 pieces of burlap to make rosettes out of. Just hot glue those onto the tablerunner when you are done. It was fairly easy. I didnt have much to go off of from the shows demonstration. Here is the link of what I saw...

I hope you all like it. I sure love mine!