Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rosette Heart Framed

I figured I had one day left in February so I was still ok to post this. I know I said it was going to happen a lot sooner, but ya know how life goes sometimes. My boys are on a streak of what I like to call "the never ending sickness". How I cant wait for winter to be over and spring and summer to arrive!

Here is my inspiration for this project. I feel so bad that I cant tell you where I found this picture. I had saved it to my "to do" list before I started this blog, so I cant remember where I took it from. If this is your picture OR if you know where it came from speak up and I will give the proper credit to whom it goes to. :D I had the extra paper rosettes from the wreath i did so I put them to good use. I had a brown 12x12 frame lying around so I painted it "ivory" using the krylon spray paint. Then I hot glued the burlap to the cardboard that was behind the matte in the frame.
I then layed out the rosettes in the heartform then picked them up one by one and glued them on. the heart shape changed a little bit as i kept gluing but it still looked good. I put it all back together, and put it on an easle.... TADA!
easy peasy. Love it. I got it done on Valentines Day. Haha, talk about just in time. I still have it up. I figured since its still february its ok to have up :)

Let me know what ya think.
Kelli :)


Megan said...

I want one! I want to come craft with you!!!!

webster farm said...

So cute!

Dugi said...

wow it's beautiful! the rosettes are just perfect.

Gina said...

You killin' me. You too much time. You do-do-do crazy stuff. Me like. me like.