Monday, August 1, 2011


Here is a post on some flowers that I made the other night. The first two pictures are cute little flowers for babies and toddlers. I first found these from Make It and Love It. She has made a template for the flowers and has pictures on how she made them. I made some for my cousins baby shower a while back. They are just so cute. I especially love the grey one. They are made out of felt and thread! I hot glued the elastic on. Easy!!

These next flowers I made just by using ribbon that I had. The ones below I had used a lace that I had found sitting right next to the double fold binding, and they were on sale. Love the orange and purple. All I did was cut a circle of white felt, and started from the outside and worked my way in hot gluing as I went. I would ruffle the lace as I went along. glued some pearls and whalaa!!
The rosette flowers you pretty much see everywhere! I added some of my left over lace, added a clip and some pearls. love these colors.

this is just velvet ribbon that I ruffled and glued as I twirled it.
I love the color grey and lace, so this was a favorite.
1- cut out 8 circles of the grey fabric and 8 of the lace.
2-fold the circle in half, then in half again.
3-I cut it to look like a heart so when you unfold it it looks like a flower with petals.
4-I then put one grey circle with one lace circle and folded them together
5-I then glued the corner of the folded flowers to the center of the felt circle and just repeated.
6-you will have 4 folded flowers that will make up the bottom layer.
7-I then did the same for the second row, but I started by putting the first folded flower over one of the seams, that way each folded flower that you put down covers a seam (it makes it more fluffy). Does that make sense? Then add the pearl and clip and you are good to go.
*just a little note after i have cut the folded circle to look like the heart and have unfolded and have added the lace to it I fold it back up so the petals don't match up which gives it the more "petally" (i know that is not a word, but i like it) flower look.
Well, I hope you go and make a lot of flowers for your girls. I wish I had girls to put these on, but I dont. So I made them to use on the babies and girls for my photography. Let me know if you like them, or if I confused you on the instructions (which I am pretty sure I did because I'm not the best at explaining things). Have a good night!

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