Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Boy Ties

Hello everyone. I swear I am trying to keep up on posting, but to tell you the honest truth I get busy and forget. Time passes and I realize how long it's been. Here is a good example. This should have been posted in April....

What we are looking at here are the ties (I mean, you can go ahead and look at how cute those two boys are because, well they are so hard to not look at). :D I made these ties for their Easter outfits. I had found the wonderful tutorial from Make It and Love It!! I love, LOVE her site. She is so creative and always gives the best tutorials. For the ties you have to buy the tutorial, which I think is worth the money! Her tutorial could be followed by the most basic beginner. It has step by step pictures. I loved it, and everyone at church said how cute the ties were and when I told them that I had made them half of them did not believe me :D that made me feel great and I owe it all to Ashley from Make it and Love it!! So if you are looking to make your little guy or guys some ties head on over there!!!
I promise to post soon!!!
Kelli :D

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