Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lace Pillow

I have not been the most consistent when it has come to posting projects that I have done. Like always life is crazy busy which is why I am showing you how easy and fast this project is and why everyone should sew their own pillows!! My pillow form (which I bought for $4 at tjmax) measured 20 inches. I cut my fabric to 21 inches (square) for the front side and cut two pieces for the back, on which was 14 inches width and 21 inches length and the other about 15 in width and 21 in length. there were overlapped to create the flap for easy access to the back of the pillow. I then hemmed the edges that would be shown on the back opening. On the front piece I sewed on my lace (bought from hobby lobby). I sewed down the middle of the lace first, then each side. I then pinned right sides together and sewed all together at a 1/2 in seam allowance. Trimmed off any excess that was more than the 1/2 in (like some of the threads and lace bits) and trimmed the corners diagonally to make the corners stick out more. That is it. I cut and sewed two of these pillows in a little under 2 hours. Easy peasy. I want to make more pillows. Just different ones to have a little diversity. I hope you all go make some!!

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